My 10 Minute Commitment


This morning I woke up at 5. I could hear Etsy notifications and emails coming through on my phone, Olivia was stirring, the dog was whining to go outside. There was no reason I had to be up at 5 today. Nowhere I have to be. Nothing in particular I have to do. Mondays are insane and busy and exhausting. Tuesdays get to be slow. I should get to sleep until at least 6:50 on Tuesdays!

I tried to go back to sleep, but no luck. So in the quiet darkness of  6 am, I decided to change up my routine. Instead of groggily rolling out of bed and spending the better half of the morning staring at my phone to see what’s happening in the world of email, facebook, and (my new obsession) instagram, I put on a sports bra. While my coffee brewed, I found my favorite 10 minute yoga DVD, and rolled out my mat.

I used to be kind of into yoga. Like up and dressed and at the gym by 5am for my favorite class into it. Apparently not into it enough to keep up with it after giving birth, though. With motherhood came a whole new level of tiredness that I never really shook. I lost all sense of routine in my life. My priorities shifted. Yoga just wasn’t important anymore I guess.

But lately I’ve been feeling drawn to it again. Like my body craves it or something. I am very good at ignoring things like this so I’ve successfully managed to let my muscles atrophy over the last two years.

Not this morning.

This morning I put the DVD in. This morning I gave myself 10 minutes. I stretched, I breathed, I drank water before I drank coffee. And guess what. I felt AMAZING afterward. Not just kind of better. Like, 4,000 times better. At 6:20 I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t groggy, and I wasn’t frantic. I was energized and at the same time calm. I thought calm energy was a myth. It’s apparently real.

I’ve actually been trying to kick my morning phone habit for a week or two now. I realize how it’s interfering with my life and productivity and connections with real live humans. But no matter what little resolutions I make to avoid my phone for the first hour of the morning, visit facebook no more than 3 times a day, or keep my phone in another room after 8pm… I haven’t kicked the addiction. This morning, though, I didn’t even want to check my phone after yoga. I wanted to pour a cup of coffee and connect with my family. I wanted to sit by myself and work on my personal and professional goals. I felt more motivated than I’ve felt in the morning in a long time.

10 minutes of yoga completely changed my day. I often start Tuesdays (or any day really) with great intentions of all I’m going to accomplish. By 10 I feel like “where has the morning gone?” by 1:30 I want a nap. And when I drag myself to bed at 11 I feel defeated that all I got done was respond to a handful of emails, put out some fires, and complete the bare minimum amount of printing before the last post office closed.

Not today, friends! Today I am going to check off to-dos. Today I am going to make things happen. And I am also going to be patient with myself and give myself some breaks. I am going to nourish my body, my mind, and my relationships. That’s a hell of a lot of promise from a little 10 minute stretch, huh?

But the most important lesson is what I’m going to do tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to wake up early again. And I’m going to give myself the gift of 10 minutes.

I bet you can too. It doesn’t have to be yoga–what would you do for 10 minutes if you could? I challenge you to make it happen. I bet it will change your whole day!

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One thought on “My 10 Minute Commitment

  1. It makes me happy to hear how refreshed you feel today. It’s such an amazing feeling. Though, I rarely feel that way myself.

    I think I’ll take your challenge and talk to God for 10 minutes today. It’s easy to get distracted though, so it’ll be a good challenge.

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