Happy October!

It’s October! I can tell because Christmas decorations are filling the aisles of the grocery store and I don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween yet. Plus I have an immediate craving for pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin beer. When the leaves change and I start buying sweaters, I’ll know it’s autumn for sure!

There are good things in store for Fresh Paper this month! September was my chance to let my brain process everything I learned at Stationery Academy. I’ve been doing some soul searching and working on my “core.” (My values, my passions, the things that make me feel alive! Not my abs. I should work on that core too.) One month of randomly working on things here and there is enough, though–it’s time to get serious. Here’s what’s going on with me this month!


I’m working through Lara Casey’s Power Sheets. If you have some goals to set (and who doesn’t?) you need these. I don’t know Lara personally, but I know some people who know her, and I’m super grateful that I came across her Power Sheets. I suffer from what I think every creative entrepreneur suffers from–BigIdeaItis. I have a lot of big ideas. They all rattle around in my brain and have a big party up there. Then they get tipsy on champagne, pass out on the couch, and forget to go to class. Follow through is not my strong suit. Sometimes I even get to the goal-setting stage, but then what? Life gets in the way, orders get in the way, my dreams go by the wayside. Lara’s Power Sheets give me a place to do the core work I desperately need to do to move this business in the direction I want it to go. She’s also walking me through goal setting and then gives space to keep track of progress! There’s just something great about a good workseet that helps keep me focused on the task at hand more than using a journal. And everything comes hole-punched to put in a binder (I’m using my super fab Stationery Academy binder so that all of my businessy goal stuff is together.) And it’s just FUN! I read business books and time management books and goal books often. But… most of them are written by men. Not that I have anything against men! It’s just… they’re usually writing for other men. For business men. Who work in toddler-free offices with water coolers and colleagues and button down shirts. Their needs are different than mine. Lara Casey is a creative entrepreneur with an adorable kid. So we’re pretty much soul sisters, even though I’ve never met her. I’m sure we’re going to be super awesome friends.

fresh paper new website preview

I’m giving Fresh Paper a website makeover! I thought about waiting until I was done to announce this, but I can’t hold it in! This decision is two-fold. First of all, it’s necessary. A couple months ago, my current e-commerce platform did an “upgrade.” Since then, there have been several bugs making the site function less-than-optimally. (Customers! Do not be alarmed! You will still be able to place your orders safely and securely! But if you run in to any trouble at all with checkout, feel free to email me so I can help you out!) It doesn’t look like those will ever be fixed. I never want my customers to feel frustrated when shopping, so it’s time to switch platforms. (If you are a business owner and would like to talk with me about e-commerce and how I chose a platform, feel free to drop me a line!) And secondly–I’ve been wanting to update my “brand” ever since I got back from Stationery Academy. I’m not doing a major “rebranding” or anything, I just want to clean things up a bit and give my site a look that speaks to what I’m all about–celebrating our fun, bright, and bold lives! So this is happening! I’m working day and night to move everything over to the new platform and I plan to launch the new site by Halloween!

I’m introducing a new product! Should I tell you what it is? Should I keep it a surprise? I can’t decide! Ok, I’ll give you a hint. It’s based off a “fan favorite” from my facebook page and it sticks to the fridge! I think that’s enough of a hint for now. But I’m super excited about it, and I can’t wait to show you! Stay tuned–I’ll be announcing pre-orders sometime in the next few weeks.

I think those are my big updates for October! I’ll also be buying new jeans, searching for cute rain boots, getting a hair cut, and possibly trying a pumpkin spice latte. I love fall. Well I love every season! I love fall because it means change. Leaves change, the weather changes, and I feel like big life changes always happen in the fall. It’s a good reminder that change will happen with or without us, so we might as well embrace it. I’m taking charge of my fall!

What’s on your list for October? What great things do YOU have in store? Let me know in the comments! P.S. I’ve been keeping up with my daily yoga! Are you giving yourself 10 minutes a day to do something just for you? If so, how has it changed your day?


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