Calling All Mom-preneurs!

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I’ve always been a dreamer. As a kid I pretty much lived in my imagination–I had a thousand career ambitions (ok, still do). Artist, princess, spy, astronaut, actress, teacher, and author all seemed equally attainable and simultaneously possible. To a four-year-old, the future is vast and one can hold as many careers as she wants.

So dreams, dreams are not new to me. Living dreams? I’m a fan! For most of my childhood I dreamed of being a teacher. (And a princess spy, but mostly a teacher.) So when I grew up, I became one! And that was super rad. I was living the dream.

Then it was time to realize some of my other dreams–to be a mommy, to own a business, to create and design things–I went for it. I like living dreams.

But there’s a dream I’ve had for a couple years now and I haven’t been working toward it much. I have a dream of helping other moms live their dreams. On my mellow days I just dream of writing helpful blog posts, maybe even a little magazine article. On my wild days I dream of hosting conferences for mom-preneurs and raising up a generation of powerful women who juggle babies and businesses. I dream of book tours. I dream about what I’ll wear for my appearance on The Today Show.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to change careers. I love design, I love working with people embarking on new adventures in their lives, I love running a business. It’s just that I love it so much, I want to help other people find what they love and do it too!

I meet a lot of moms who have great ideas and they haven’t implemented them because they’re scared. Or they work outside the home and they want to be home more, but they don’t want to leave the security. Or they’re stay at home moms and they want to find a way to pursue their passions, but they haven’t found the time. I feel like I can be a cheerleader for these women. A listening ear. A friend. Maybe even a guide. I also want to start conversations–maybe even a community–of people who are in the same boat. Juggling entrepreneurship and motherhood.

I’ve had this idea for Mom-preneur Mondays for a while. Kind of a long while. So… why haven’t I started? I guess I’ve been scared! I’m really not one to shy away from dreams. Or at least I didn’t think I was. Then I read this little gem by my friend Beth. When I first read it, I thought only about Fresh Paper and the things I want to do with it. What I envision for the company, what I might have to let go of to make those visions reality. Yeah, it can be scary stuff!

Then after a few days of thinking on it, I realized… there are a lot of dreams I haven’t pursued! And why not? I like to say it’s because I don’t have time, but we just talked about that. If I really didn’t have time, I also wouldn’t have time for facebook. And instagram. And Project Runway Allstars. Somehow I’ve found plenty of time for those things, so why am I choosing them over actionable steps toward pursing my dreams?

Maybe I’m afraid.

I mean who am I to be doling out advice? To be coaching or mentoring? What makes me so special? I’m no guru, no expert. I’m not doing it all right. In fact, I think that I’m doing it completely wrong about 87% of the time. So who am I to have this dream?

Well screw that! Who am I not to pursue this dream?! Or any dream? If a friend of mine said to me, “Hey Em, I have this dream of helping other moms start businesses, what do you think?” Would I say, “Wellllll, can I see your resumé?” Of course not! I’d say “Go for it girl! How can I help?”

So I’m going for it. Consider this the first Mom-preneur Monday. With no real advice other than… have a dream? Go for it. (Kind of a theme with me lately.)

And since I’m going to go for it, I need your help. I need to know what you want to know. What questions do you have? As moms, as entrepreneurs, as moms who are entrepreneurs, as people who are just in the beginning stages of thinking about starting a business… what do you wonder? What do you struggle with? What do you want to talk about? Leave a comment below!

*Just as a side note, I’m not trying to exclude anyone. Not dads, not moms who are not entrepreneurs, not entrepreneurs who are not parents! I’d love to open this conversation to everyone as I think we all have things to contribute!


9 thoughts on “Calling All Mom-preneurs!

  1. Hi Emily! I think this is great, and I AM IN! I am totally terrified of taking any big steps with my bakery… I keep telling myself “slow and steady is good…” but I think to get things going I’m going to have to commit some time and money, and take a leap. Which is terrifying. So I could use all the encouragement, tips, advice, anything anyone has to offer 🙂 And I’ll contribute what I can as well!
    Thanks for taking this leap for (and with) us ❤

  2. I love this Mom-preneur spot on the blog! I too have just started writing a business plan for my new business venture of priducing and selling healthy snacks. The investment in time, money and the uncertainty of what to do and what to expect is really scary and holding me back a little. Also, I don’t want to fail.

    • Awesome business idea Candice! Uncertainty can be scary–really scary. It’s also exciting. And failure is scary too. But also inevitable. I was just reading some awesome advice about failure. (Check out Seth Godin and Whitney English)

      My daughter (aka the wisest 2-year-old ever) and I were building a block tower the other day and it kept falling down. Instead of getting disappointed, she laughed and said, “We’ll try again. And it will fall down again!” Isn’t that the best? So yeah, you’re going to run into road blocks. You’ll have great ideas that don’t work out. But you’ll also have great ideas that do work out! And when your tower falls down, you just have to build another one.

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  4. I’m so so glad to hear that my post inspired you – I’m also honored that you mentioned me, thank you! I really want you to pursue this dream of yours! Even though I’m not a mom yet, I think there’s definitely a need for this mom-preneur balance-focussed group. Go for it! I believe in you! And I look forward to seeing what you wear on The Today Show! I know it’s scary – but aren’t the best things in life the things that require a leap of faith? You’ve got this!

    • XOXOXO I heart you Beth Hart! Your post really was inspiring, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store this year! Yes yes yes, the best things in life do require a leap of faith! Here’s to facing our fears!

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  6. There are such great opportunities for mom-preneurs now. I was a mom-preneur before the internet was around. It was HARD WORK having to be away from the children such long hours. The internet allows a mom to make a business out of what she’s good at, the skills she uses every day 🙂

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