Hitting the Refresh Button (on Life)

We’ve all experienced a slow-loading internet page and the magic that is the refresh button. Or when the computer’s lagging and a little restart fixes everything. Or my personal favorite–how taking the battery out of a cell phone and putting it back in cures 97% of problems (including acne.)

Don’t you wish there was a refresh button for life?

You may have noticed that I haven’t been as chatty as usual. I slipped into a little period I like to call “Bare Minimum Mode,” which was a combination of many many preschool obligations, an increased effort to organize my home, a sudden change in routine with preschool ending, and an unexpected work slump. I felt simultaneously overwhelmed and underwhelmed.

Bare Minimum Mode can be useful–temporarily. I gave myself permission to do only what absolutely needed to be done and took a break from the things that are nice to do, but not essential. I reminded myself that my bare minimum of keeping a business running and raising a toddler is probably more than someone else’s 110%! The danger of Bare Minimum Mode comes when it goes on to long. Once the preschool yearbook was printed and distributed, the closet was organized, and we were settled into our new summer routine, it was time to step up my game again.

The problem was, I couldn’t. I was feeling really stuck. I had let myself slide too deep into the sticky mud of Bare Minimum Mode and I was starting to feel depressed.

Fortunately, a couple very well-timed emails landed in my inbox. Who knew a little email newsletter could have a real impact in someone’s life? But these both seemed to speak directly to me.

The first was from April Bowles-Olin. She and Mayi Carles are launching a 21-day program called Busy-to-Happy that starts on July 1st! It sounds like exactly what I need to screw my head back on in terms of my business! A refresh button for work. They challenged their readers to set a goal and make a public declaration on social media and blogs. So here you go! My slightly grainy selfie holding my declaration to launch a fun and beautiful new line of invitations by August 1st! (And I won’t let those evil gremlins Fear, Procrastination, Exhaustion, or the super evil Facebook stand in my way!)


Somehow the Universe knew that I needed even more of a forklift to get me out of my slump, though. A few days later I got an email from Sage Grayson inviting me to be a beta tester for her new Life Editing for Beginners program. It starts June 30th, so I was a bit hesitant to sign up for both programs (does an overwhelmed person really need two programs at the same time?!) But I wrote to Sage and she reassured me that the two programs actually complement each other very well. So I signed up right away. Life Editing is going to be my refresh button for my life!

As I get older it feels that time is slipping by at a faster and faster pace. I keep finding myself saying “How is 2014 almost halfway over already?!” I’m certainly not halfway through my goals for the year! I think these two programs will be just the refresh button I need to make the second half of the year AWESOME!




8 thoughts on “Hitting the Refresh Button (on Life)

  1. Sounds fantastic. Summer is always bare minimum mode for me. It’s enough to survive the days with the kiddos. Keeping the house in a fair state of clean is a bonus; as is three meals. I have loads of ideas tumbling around in my head, so I just keep sketching them out with good notes and stuffing them places. I’ll never be able to find them again. I need a system for my sketched out ideas that I really like. I know, I’m brilliant. I can’t believe I’ve survived this long without that super obvious bit of information. I’m still on the fence about what to do business wise – blog + shop [and the social media that goes along with promoting those], or just shop. Maybe I need to ignore all ideas and focus on a business plan. It’s so… I don’t know. Maybe the problem is that I’m so scattered and flighty. Yeah, that’s probably it.

    ps. I was excited about your sketch a day challenge and really wanted to commit, I just kept putting it off. Sorry about the crickets on my end. I’m ready to commit to a sketch a week. I think.

    • Summer is tough! Even though I’m really enjoying having Olivia home, it’s weird adjusting to a different routine!

      One sketch/design a week sounds like a great start! I think I’ll join you in that in July. I wasn’t giving myself an end date for the design a day, but as soon as it got to feel burdensome instead of invigorating I knew it was time to give myself an out. So just a few more days of daily designs (I’ve fallen behind on posting them!) and then I’ll be ready to swap it out for something else! A weekly design would be an awesome way to keep the momentum going a bit.

      I ALSO need a system I like for sketches/ideas! I have a million blank books, each with about 3 pages of drawings and notes in them. That is not a good system! 😉

      We should start a scattered/flighty club! That’s how I feel about everything in my life right now. Too many ideas, no place to start!

      • Love it! We really should start a club. Even if it’s just to bounce ideas and choose the most viable one.

  2. Hi, I know exactly what you mean!! I have a free PDF all about mindset and motivation resources for free on my website and a blog post on getting things done (which is a self-management course that I attended last wednesday and have written it up with all the exercises and materials). That sort of stuff always helps me out a lot. Maybe it will help you too?!

  3. I’m so happy you’re joining me for 5-weeks of Life Editing, Emily! It’s going to be fantastic and a great way to feel refreshed as we start the second half of the year. 🙂

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