Wedding Wednesday – New Invitation Roundup

It’s wedding wednesday! And it occurred to me that with all the talk I’ve been doing about goals and intentions and etiquette and planning… I haven’t updated you guys on what I’ve been working on in the studio! Here are the latest goodies from my wedding collection:

City Skyline Invitations – I wanted to combine a bold, modern skyline with a fun mix of fonts and a cool layout. This  is what was born! I love that we can feature multiple wedding colors in the skyline for a fun, unique look.

city skyline wedding invitations by fresh paper studios

city skyline wedding invitations by fresh paper studios

Ombré Block Text Wedding Invitations – I love ombré. It’s so hot and trendy right now, it’s hard not to be obsessed. But with a zillion invitations out there featuring traditional text laid out on a watercolor ombré background, I wanted to do something different. So I thought, “why not make the words themselves ombré?” Tada!

ombre wedding invitation by fresh paper studios

ombre wedding invitation by fresh paper studios

Rustic Typography Invitation – These started as a custom design for one of my favorite brides, Shellie! She wanted something quirky and unique with a handwriting feel. A little bit rustic, but a little bit modern. I love what we came up with and now it’s available for everyone!

rustic typography invitation by fresh paper studios

rustic typography invitation by fresh paper studios

Stay tuned! I’m working on some really fun, bold invitation ideas and I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, what would you like to see from Fresh Paper Studios? Comment below!


Free Wedding Guest Spreadsheet

Wedding planning season is in full swing! I thought I could help make planning a little easier with this spreadsheet to keep track of who you’re inviting, invitations you’ve sent, RSVPs, meal choices, table assignments, gifts, and more! Download for free from my new Download Page!

Keep checking back for more downloads and organizers. And if there’s something you’d love to see as a download on my page, let me know in the comments below!

Cheers! Happy Holidays to You

Cheers coaster by fresh paper studios

It’s my favorite non-holiday, Christmas Eve Eve. And amidst a swirl of work- and holiday-related To-Dos, I just need to take a quick moment to say THANK YOU to you! To my friends, my fans, my readers, my customers, my cheerleaders, my coaches. You are the best.

I have truly enjoyed 2013, highs and lows and all. And as is true of every new year, I am excitedly anticipating all that 2014 has in store!

Happy holidays to you all, and I hope that wherever you are in the world you are filled with hope, laughter, and peace.

p.s. I can’t help it! How cute are these coasters? They’re my latest addition to the shop and I’m so so excited about them. This design is ready to ship, so they can grace your tables in time for New Year’s Eve!

New! Menu Planner Grocery List Notepads

plan your meals for the week with this note pad from fresh paper studios

We have 3 kids between the ages of 2 and 20. Living in our house. Eating our food. Guess how sick we are of hearing “What’s for dinner?”

I am the sleep-deprived woman wearing pajama pants and a sweatshirt, wandering the aisles of the nearest super market, tossing brightly colored packages of carbs into a shopping cart while a toddler practices her unbuckling skills and acrobatics. I always come home with an SUV full of groceries. None of them are ingredients for actual meals.

Coffee, wine, and cookie dough are not a problem. Those I manage to keep well-stocked. Produce, meat, and dish soap, however… well it’s tough to remember what we need sometimes! A couple years ago we got to the point where we were spending hundreds of dollars a week at the grocery store. And hundreds more ordering pizza because we had nothing to make meals with. We were getting kind of fat and our wallets were staying very skinny. Something had to change–we had to start planning!

I’ve tried other grocery lists and meal planners. The shopping checklist I had on the fridge in college was a great way to keep track of when we needed more beer and ramen–not so great for making sure the fridge is stocked with family-friendly meal fixings. The giant mom-schedule-and-meal-planning note pad I bought when I deemed myself a “real grownup” helped us plan healthy meals, but we’d get to the store and forget we were out of toilet paper. Kind of important.

Failing to find what I needed in a meal planner, I set out to make my own! My weekly menu planner offers the best of both worlds: Sections for planning meals for the week at the top (the open-ended blocks of space allow you to plan just dinner or every meal of the day), lines for meal ingredients below, and a super-useful checklist for marking off staples as you run out!

Pre-planning our meals for the week and sticking to a list while at the store has helped us stay on budget and helped us eat healthier as a family. As a bonus, we don’t end up staring at a fridge full of condiments at 6:00 with no dinner ideas.

For a while, I was printing off my own, but who wants to print off planning sheets every week or keep a stack of loose papers around? Busy moms (and busy people who aren’t moms!) need something better! A notepad! I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new menu planner note pad! Available in four bright an modern designs! Get yours now!

weekly meal planner and shopping list note pad available in 4 fun designs!

Want to personalize one for a gift? Act fast! Personalization will only be offered through November 1st!

I want to hear from you! How do you keep your meals organized? What do you look for in a meal planner? Is there a way I can make this planner more useful for you–or are there other planners/notepads you need?