Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday! First of all, I apologize for no post on Monday! I DID manage to start a blog over on my website and post over there though! If you’re looking for wedding invitation ideas (or just like to see what I’m up to) check it out!

Tomorrow I’m heading to the beach for some much-needed downtime with my family. (Which means today I’m going to be a frenzied and frantic busy bee, trying to get orders out the door early and running endless loads of laundry.) I’m anticipating no wi-fi, and I’m hoping to have time to READ! Like actual books!

Here’s what I’m bringing with me:
Recipe for Press
I’ve been so so so so lucky to have had my save the dates featured in a handful of magazines! Makes me feel like a pretty big effing deal. All of those magazines found my work and contacted me, which is super exciting! But what happens after the next issue comes out? I’d love to learn how to pitch my work to magazines and blogs to keep that press buzz going! This book has been recommended by basically everyone I admire.

The Secret to Peak Productivity: A Simple Guide to Reaching Your Personal Best
Does anyone NOT struggle with productivity? I’m drawn to the idea of focusing on physical clutter first, then electronic clutter, followed by time management, and finally new goals. Seems so straightforward! I know I have a hard time focusing and I want to go after new goals but then my giant pile of paper falls off the desk and I get derailed. So this book looks promising!

I’m actually only going for one night, so bringing two books is a little lofty! But I like to have choices! (What if one book sucks?)

And I know I’ve mentioned it a thousand times already, but if you haven’t checked out E-Myth Revisited, I strongly urge you to buy it RIGHT NOW! The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It

What are you reading this weekend? And if you’re a mompreneur, how do you find time to read? Comment below!